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Duelists Test

What do you know about the show Yu-Gi-Oh.

1. Who were the two that made it to the finals during Duelist Kingdom?
a) Yugi and Mai
b) Yugi and Pegasus
c) Yugi and Marik
d) Yugi and Joey

2. What company produce's the Dubbed version of Yu-Gi-Oh?
a) 4 Kids Productions
b) 4 Kids Incorporation
c) 4 Kids Entertainment
d) Kids WB

3. Yugi resides in:
a) United Kingdom
b) France
c) Duelist Kingdom
d) Japan

4. Mai's favorite card is:
a.) Harpy Lady
b.) Harpy's Pet Dragon
c.) Tornado Wall
d.) Cyber Sheild

5. What is Solomon Mutou's Store called
a.) All Your Needs
b.) The Game Shop
c.) Solomon Mutou's Cards and Games
d.) Mutou's Collectibles

6. What is the name of the first episode?
a.) Listen to your Heart!
b.) Yugi Fights Pegasus
c.) Heart of the Cards
d.) Kaiba Vs. Yugi Round 1

7. Which character is best known to use the Magician of Faith?
a.) Joey Wheeler
b.) Tea Gardner
c.) Yugi Mutou
d.) Mai Valentine

8.) Which network doesn't air Yu-Gi-Oh
a.) Warner Brothers
b.) Cartoon Network
c.) Turner Brocast Network
d.) YTV

9. Who created Dungeon Dice Monsters?
a.) Duke Devlin
b.) Pegasus
c.) Seto Kaiba
d.) Kaiba corp.

10. Who is not in the finals for Battle City?
a.) Mokuba Kaiba
b.) Joey Wheeler
c.) Ishizu
d.) Marik

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