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Yugi's Duel Monsters

Checklists ~ Movie Exclusive Packs (EP1-EN) 2004
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This pack is an listed as an Exclusive Pack, you can get this only while supplies last.  Remember that these are listed as a promo and not a booster.  In all packs you receive the cards listed below.

EP1-EN 001:  Theinen the Great Sphinx (UR)
EP1-EN 002:  Andro Sphinx (UR)
EP1-EN 003:  Sphinx Teleia (UR)
EP1-EN 004:  Rare Metal Dragon
EP1-EN 005:  Peten the Dark Clown
EP1-EN 006:  Familiar Knight
EP1-EN 007:  Inferno Tempest
EP1-EN 008:  Return From the Different Dimension

Yugi Duel Monsters is 2002 - 2004.  All Characters and respective names are a of their repective companies.  This site is a fan site and not the official Yu-Gi-Oh Web site.

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