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Yugi's Duel Monsters

Yugi's Duel Monsters Staff
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~Masked Duelist X~
Description:  He is the creator of Yugi's Duel Monsters, and will hopefully one day, become the king of Duel Monster Duelists!

^_^Yami Pharoahess^_^
description:  She is the first female duelist to earn a position on the staff of Yugi's Duel Monsters.  She first met Masked @ The Anime Corner, formally PGSForum.

description:  Hatchet is also known as his alter ego, the Twisted Duelist.  He may think he is better at dueling than Masked But, he's a little wrong on that one.

*Buster Blader 06*
Description:  She is like Mai a cool and talented girl thats love to duel. She'll cheer on Yugi and Joey sometimes and beat everybody she can.

Description:  He is the little bro of Hatchet.  He learned everything about dueling from Hatchet and Hatchet is the one who trained him for Yugi's Duel Monsters.
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