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Yugi's Duel Monsters

Structure Deck Zombie Madness (SD2) 2005
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SD1-EN001  Vampire Genesis (UR)
SD1-EN002  Master Kyohshee
SD1-EN003  Vampie Lord
SD1-EN004  Dark Dust Spirit
SD1-EN005  Pyramid Turtle ***
SD1-EN006  Spirit Reaper
SD1-EN007  Despair from the Dark **
SD1-EN008  Ryu Kokki **
SD1-EN009  Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
SD1-EN010  Vampire Lady
SD1-EN011  Double Coston
SD1-EN012  Regenerating Mummy **
SD1-EN013  Snatch Steel
SD1-EN014  Mystical Space Typhoon
SD1-EN015  Giant Trunade
SD1-EN016  Nobleman of Crossout
SD1-EN017  Pot of Greed
SD1-EN018  Card of Safe REturn
SD1-EN019  Heavy Sotrm
SD1-EN020  Creature Swap **
SD1-EN021  Book of Life **
SD1-EN022  Call of the Mummy ***
SD1-EN023  Reload **
SD1-EN024  Dust Tornado
SD1-EN025  Torrential Tribute
SD1-EN026  Magic Jammer
SD1-EN027  Reckless Greed
SD1-EN028  Compulsory Evacuation Device ***
Note: The ones marked with an asterix (*) indicate if there are 2 copys (* *) or 3 (* * ) copies in the deck

Yugi Duel Monsters is 2002 - 2004.  All Characters and respective names are a of their repective companies.  This site is a fan site and not the official Yu-Gi-Oh Web site.

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