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Yugi's Duel Monsters

Character Bio ~ Joey Wheeler

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Joey wheeler is cool.  He always talks big but inside is very sensitive inside because he is thinking about his sister Serenity.  He was going to take the Prize money and use it for Serenity's Operation for her eyes.  But all in all he seems to be a gangster-type of a person.  When the show starts Joey's deck is all monster cards.  But, Yugi tells Joey that you need to use your monsters in cobination with all your cards.  Joey's stongest card is the Red Eyes Black Dragon.  He won that from Rex Raptor the Dino-Duelist.  He won all his matches during the Duelist Kingdom Tournament.  And he and he was one of the Four Finalists and won his match against Bandit Keith.  Bandit Keith tried to cheat his way to win but lost the duel due to the fact that Joey always play with the heart of the cards now.  But Joey will always come through for his friend and his duels.


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