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Yugi's Duel Monsters

Tournament Series 4 (TB4) 2003
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TB4-001:  Royal Decree (UR)
TB4-002:  Morphing Jar (SR)
TB4-003:  Megamorph (SR)
TB4-004:  Chain Destruction (SR)
TB4-005:  The Fiend Megacyber (SR)
TB4-006:  Dragon Seeker (R)
TB4-007:  Giant Red Seasnake (R)
TB4-008:  Exile of the Wicked (R)
TB4-009:  Call of the Grave (R)
TB4-010:  Rush Recklessly
TB4-011:  Giant Rat
TB4-012:  Senju of Thousand Hands
TB4-013:  Karate Man
TB4-014:  Nimble Momonga
TB4-015:  Mystic Tomato
TB4-016:  Nobleman of Extermination
TB4-017:  Magic Dragon
TB4-018:  Gravity Bind
TB4-019:  Hayabusa Knight
TB4-020:  Mad Sword Beast

Yugi Duel Monsters is 2002 - 2004.  All Characters and respective names are a of their repective companies.  This site is a fan site and not the official Yu-Gi-Oh Web site.

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