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Yugi's Duel Monsters

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Promos ~ Shonen Jump
JMP-001:  Blue-Eyes White Dragon
JMP-002:  Red Eyes B. Dragon

Promos ~ Duelist League
DL1-001:  Thousand-Eyes Restrict
DL1-002:  Buster Blader
DL2-001:  The Masked Beast
DL2-002:  Dark Necrofear
DL3-001:  Necrovalley
DL4-001:  Machine King
DL5-001:  Restructer Revolution

Promos ~ Collector Tins, Series 1, 2002
BPT-001:  Dark Magician
BPT-002:  Summoned Skull
BPT-003:  Blue-Eyes White Dragon
BPT-004:  Lord of D.
BPT-005:  Red-Eyes B. Dragon
BPT-006:  B. Skull Dragon

Promos ~ Collector Tins, Series 2, 2003
BPT-007:  Dark Magician
BPT-008:  Buster Blader
BPT-009:  Blue-Eyes White Dragon
BPT-010:  XYZ-Dragon Cannon
BPT-011:  Jinzo
BPT-012:  Gearfried the Iron Knight

Promos ~ Duel Master's Guide
DMG-001:  Dark Paladin

Promos ~ Invasion of Chaos:  Variant
IOC-SE1:  Gemini Elf
IOC-SE2:  Magic Cylinder
IOC-SE3:  Ring of Destruction
IOC-SE4:  Lava Golem

Promos ~ World Championship (Toys 'R Us)
WCS-EN403:  Sengenjin
WCS-001:  Kanan the Sword Mistress

Yugi Duel Monsters is 2002 - 2004.  All Characters and respective names are a of their repective companies.  This site is a fan site and not the official Yu-Gi-Oh Web site.

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